Our Booking Office

Our dispatch and message retrieval service is available 24 hours each day and will try to accommodate your special requests as best as we are able.

This may include booking appointments out of our normal business hours, long distance transportation needs, or some small detail that would make your experience with us even better. We gladly accept advance notice bookings and can accommodate most requests with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Though we appreciate as much notice as possible we understand the nature of health care appointments and may be able to accommodate short notice trips, please call for availability.

Our Wheelchair Vehicles

After 10 years experience, we expanded our service to include wheelchair accessible transportation as well. Focusing on the fact that many people cannot get themselves in or out
of their homes to use a taxi or handibus, we come into the home, take the client into the destination, and take the stress out of the equation.


Our clients are not limited to any specific age or medical condition. The need can be simply based on comfort or convenience only. This would include individuals who prefer to lie down while being transferred. Our exclusive services are available for both social and health related travel including:

  • discharges and transfer from an emergency department
  • weddings, day trips
  • physician appointments
  • physiotherapy
  • radiation and chemotherapy
  • dialysis
  • return from an unexpected mishap
  • special or recreational event
  • hospital, transitional, or nursing home discharge or transfer
  • diagnostic appointments
  • special needs transportation
  • to/from school
  • Home for the Holidays
  • Rehabilitation facilities or day programs
  • Palliative excursions