I wanted to write to tell you how much your driving service meant to us. My husband had been confined to bed for three months when a nurse suggested Genesis Medishuttle might take us out of the hospice for a ride for his birthday. We wanted to drive to some of our favorite local spots in the country, places we had visited with our children when my husband was well.
Neither my husband nor I expected such a grand day. The care and professionalism demonstrated when you and Valerie picked us up immediately imparted a sure sense of security. From there, it just became fun. Your thoughtfulness and that of your assistant, Valerie, provided a day that created warm and wonderful memories at a time when most days seem like a blur to us.
From the moment I first spoke to you on the phone to enquire abour your services, through to the end of our beautiful day in the country, we were treated to a quality of care, compassion, humanity and fun far surpassing our expectations.
For all of that, we thank you.

Sandra & Alasdair Nairn,