First of all I would like to thank you and your employees for the respectful and caring service you provide to the residents of Agapé Hospice. Genesis Medi-Shuttle has enabled our residents to leave the confines of their rooms and realize their final dreams.
As I review our relationship with Genesis, it reminds me just how valuable this service is. Many of our residents and families struggle financially and this reality can act as a barrier or added stressor as they try to honour appointments in the community, attend special family events, or return home for a short period or permanent stay. Your deep concern for others and flexibility when working with these challenging scenarios, helps dissipate the impact such barriers bring.
While not all requests for outings are life sustaining in a medical sense, they do add quality of life to those fortunate enough to access your services. It is my belief that our staff and families appreciate the generosity found within your professional philosophy and practice restraint in requesting transport. In your presence and under your care, people feel respected, safe, and well cared for.
It is our hope this valuable service remains available and affordable to all our hospice families in crisis.

Jacqueline S. Lemke, MSW, RSW, Social Worker, Agape Hospice,