I wanted to write to tell you how much your driving service meant to us. My husband had been confined to bed for three months when a nurse suggested Genesis Medishuttle might take us out of the hospice for a ride for his birthday. We wanted to drive to some of our favorite local spots in the country, places we had visited with our children when my husband was well.
Neither my husband nor I expected such a grand day. The care and professionalism demonstrated when you and Valerie picked us up immediately imparted a sure sense of security. From there, it just became fun. Your thoughtfulness and that of your assistant, Valerie, provided a day that created warm and wonderful memories at a time when most days seem like a blur to us.
From the moment I first spoke to you on the phone to enquire abour your services, through to the end of our beautiful day in the country, we were treated to a quality of care, compassion, humanity and fun far surpassing our expectations.
For all of that, we thank you.

Sandra & Alasdair Nairn,

I am a palliative Home Care nurse and wanted to thank you for the great service you are providing. You transported one of my clients a few weeks ago to TBCC for a radiation assess and treat and the family was extremely happy with your staff and service. They said that knowing the service was available and that it was such a positive experience would be a positive deciding factor in them agreeing to go back to the TBCC in the future for further tests and treatments if needed.
Great job, thanks!

Not that I should be encouraging you to do business in Okotoks when we need you so badly in Calgary! - it made such a difference to Gord that you did that for him and my lady Alma would never have made it without you. Being able to get to these final appointments is so important for our people, physically and psychologically. He was so thrilled when he was at Rosedale that you guys stopped by to say hello whenever you did a run there with someone else.
You really are an important cog in the wheel of palliative care because you provide kind and compassionate and non-invasive transportation at such a difficult time in people's lives. Use my words anytime - there are lots more praise any day for you all!

Thanks again, Alison

Alison Potter R.N,

First of all I would like to thank you and your employees for the respectful and caring service you provide to the residents of Agapé Hospice. Genesis Medi-Shuttle has enabled our residents to leave the confines of their rooms and realize their final dreams.
As I review our relationship with Genesis, it reminds me just how valuable this service is. Many of our residents and families struggle financially and this reality can act as a barrier or added stressor as they try to honour appointments in the community, attend special family events, or return home for a short period or permanent stay. Your deep concern for others and flexibility when working with these challenging scenarios, helps dissipate the impact such barriers bring.
While not all requests for outings are life sustaining in a medical sense, they do add quality of life to those fortunate enough to access your services. It is my belief that our staff and families appreciate the generosity found within your professional philosophy and practice restraint in requesting transport. In your presence and under your care, people feel respected, safe, and well cared for.
It is our hope this valuable service remains available and affordable to all our hospice families in crisis.

Jacqueline S. Lemke, MSW, RSW, Social Worker, Agape Hospice,

"My mother is 92 years old and is confined to a wheelchair. Jodi and Patrick were the attendants and did an excellent job. I found them to be very kind and caring and they provided an excellent service. I commend you for having such fine young people in your organization. Thank you, as you made my Mother a very happy person on this very special day."


Barbara Lausen,