A Little History

Our story began as our founding members (being paramedics) who recognized a rapidly growing number of medically sound yet physically or mentally disabled individuals engaging ambulances for simple conveyance. As we began to research this remarkable phenomenon, we discovered this growing trend was occurring because current special needs infrastructure was clearly not meeting the unique needs of a ‘dependent’ or non self-reliant population.

In early 2004, Genesis Medi Shuttle Inc. was established and began bridging many of these gaps by incorporating a very practical and innovative solution to meet the needs of a very unique and rapidly emerging group. We believe that our model was one of the first in western Canada to utilize late model minivans that have been professionally converted to accommodate a full sized stretcher by a DOT approved adaptive vehicle conversion specialist.

our staff

Our employees have worked as paramedics, EMT-A's and EMRs in ambulance and firefighting roles and have experience in the sensitive care that our patients require. Combining their pre-hospital care knowledge and maintaining a compassionate focus on our clients is the secret of our success.


One very distinctively unique element of our innovative services is a “pillow-to-pillow” ‘continuity of care’ versus the curb-to-curb or door-to-door service offered by conventional accessible transportation providers.

That is, our service begins at our passenger’s bedside (or wherever our passengers are located) with our Transport Team safely transferring our client to our stretcher / wheelchair and concludes when our passenger is safely and appropriately received into another bed, chair, or stretcher at the prescribed destination. Oftentimes, our client remains on our stretcher / wheelchair for a physician consult, simple diagnostic imaging, or minor surgical procedure and we are on the road again to return the patient back to the original sending facility.

One other very essential element of the services provided by Genesis Medi Shuttle is its utilization of Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and Emergency Medical Responders (EMR’s).

While we don’t provide medical services, our staff are very knowledgeable and experienced with appropriate handling, transferring, attentive care, and conveyance of persons of all ages and presentations. Our services are designed around the unique needs of our clients. This professional level of expertise and distilled wisdom provides complete peace of mind for our clients and their families, to sending and receiving medical staff, as well as assisted and long term care facilities. We are completely familiar and well versed with patient confidentiality, stewardship of medical records, etiquette and geography within care facilities throughout the Calgary and surrounding areas.

Not only is Genesis Medi Shuttle Inc. able to provide a very efficient and much more cost effective alternative to using an ambulance, we take great comfort in allowing those same heavily tasked ambulances to remain available in their respective communities ready for true emergencies.

Our medishuttles also utilize environmentally responsible technology. The Honda Odyssey is well noted for its fuel efficiency and ultra low emissions vs. the large and environmentally damaging diesel engines used in other vehicles. Additionally, our professional staff and late model vehicles are comprehensively insured